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Main Branch: Mohandesien , 15 Adnan Madany Street from Ahmed Oraby, Egypt

Phone Number: +2 15535



The Center has a parking lot for patients and visitors. 

The Center team will appreciate if those whose health condition allow, take the drop off option without parking or use other transport means or alternative parking lots in the area.

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Telephone Directory

El Mohandsen Reception 1: 0105 063 0930

El Mohandsen Reception 2: 0102 200 0990

El Mohandsen Reception 3: 0100 020 7070

El Mohandsen Reception 4: 0100 010 0696


Nasr City Reception 1: 0127 530 0295

Nasr City Reception 1: 0109 958 1539


Zagazig 1: 0106 624 4440

Zagazig 2: 0106 634 4440

Call Center

Call: 15535

24/7, RNs connect you with specialists

All service lines accepted

Patient Concerns & Complaints

We are dedicated to providing quality health care to patients of all faiths and backgrounds. If you have a concern regarding the care received, we encourage you to report it to your attending physician, or you may contact our Patient Relations Department. 


One of our contact agents will make sure to record your concern and address it properly. Once we have investigated internally your case, we will contact you back for information and further agreements.